AUAN Media Release 10 4 2010: Five more homes under threat...

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AUAN Press release – 10th April 2010
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Five more homes under possible threat of demolition in Albox

Five more British families in Albox are facing
the possible demolition of their homes.

They were summoned to court number 2 in
Huercal-Overa on the 7th of April to be told that
their builder Osvaldo Ceferino Martinez has been
charged with planning crimes relating to the
illegal construction of their homes in the 'La Molata' area of Albox.

The State Prosecutor is seeking the demolition of
the five homes with compensation payable to the
homeowners by the builder. The builder is also
expected to pay the 65,000 euro cost of
demolition. Sr. Martinez's' whereabouts is
unknown to the homeowners at this time and there
is some concern as to his financial status.

The families were given 3 days to appoint a
lawyer and a procurator so that they can take
part in the proceedings to defend their interests and claim compensation.

The case will now be sent to trial in Almeria.