Two British owned homes to demolished TOMORROW in Andalucia, Spain - No compensation for purchasers in good faith

We have had verbal confirmation from the home owners lawyer that representatives of the regional government will oversee the demolition of two British owned houses in Las Terreras, Cantoria TOMORROW, Nov 18th at 12.00 noon.


The promoter was convicted of planning crimes the properties were ordered to be demolished with 790,000 euros payable in compensation to the three homeowners who took part in the case.


The property of Mr John Brooks was demolished in October 2013.

Tomorrow Margaret and Peter Hegarty and Janet and Frank Dole will lose there homes.


None of the home owners have received a penny in compensation and have in effect lost their life savings on the Spanish dream.


They are not the only ones. Many other foreigners who bought properties in Andalusia risk a similar fate.


Contact: Maura Hillen - President AUAN,

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